T-shirt workshop and exhibition 4

2008w32008.7.26 / 27

The 4th T-shirt workshop with Yoko Kano, a local dyer/weaver who has adorned the main street with her ‘noren’ , attracting many visitors to katsuyama. Adults joined in children and all had a great fun splashing colours and drawing whatever they fancied on white T-shirts; stretching their imaginations and creating their own original shirts, which were exhibited afterwords.

Yoko Kano studied natural dying and weaving at Joshibi University of Arts and Design in Tokyo.  She lives and runs Hinoki Kusaki Senshoku Kobo (http://hinoki.exblog.jp/) in Katsuyama, her home town, to which her ‘noren’ has brought not only the unity to the appearence to the street but also united the people. She has been a driving force behind the rejuvenation of the town.