Book making workshop – Tara Sabharwal

Tara Sabharwal —  Hishio Artist in Residence 2008


Tara is not only an acclaimed artist but an experienced teacher. They started out by drawing lines freely, from one side of A3 paper to the other. With a carefully placed slit in the middle of the paper, it turned out to be a little booklet! Continuous lines which carry on to the next page signifies the path one has walked in life, a theme in Tara’s work. It was a fun and inspirational experience for both adults and children.
Born in Deli, India. After studying at Baroda University in India and the Royal College of Art, London, Tara Sabharwal moved to New York City where she now works and lives with her family. She is an education consultant at Rubin Museum of Art, NYC and serving on Board of Governors at Robert Blackburn Printmaking workshop, while pursuing her career as an artist.

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