Katsuyama Summer Art 2009 Workshops

2009-w22009.8.8 / 8.9 / 8.25

Twelve artists will exhibit their works in Katsuyama’s historic main street and hold workshops. Please come and join us.

For further information, contact Hishio at 0867 44 5880 or send an email to info@hishioarts.com

8 August- Mr.NORIMASA SASAKI 「Let’s Wood Carving!」
natsu-ws1 natsu-ws2
9 August- Mr.NORIMASA SASAKI 「Let’s Carved Round!」
natsu-ws3 natsu-ws4
25 August- Mr. KAZUKI MATSUDA 「Let carve a picture on a wooden board!」
natsu-ws5 natsu-ws6