“Making Words” with Migo Nagomi

Workshop and an exhibition of children’s poetry2008ex5

●5-16 September 2008
Migo Nagomi is a regular contributor at Hishio taking workshops for children encouraging them to explore the world of words. Here he guides the ten- year-old to see words in different lights and lead them to put them together, which gradually takes form of poetry. A magic!Parents were delighted to hear the poems after the workshop.
Migo Nagomi works extensively as a poet while teaching at the Okayama University in the role of an assistant professor of English literature. He has been awarded the 20th Shinpusha Shuppan Sho Matsuzaki Yoshiyuki Sho for his anthology, “Higan Bus”. He has led many workshops at Hishio including one with Sara Fanelli, a distinct book creator and collage artist.