Japan and Korean Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition

October 30th(Sat) – November 7th(Sun),2010

●Theme of the Project
Maniwa city in Okayama has a long history of planting MITSUMATA (paperbush) and making of WASHI (Japanese Traditional paper). Washi made of using fibers from Mitsumata is characteristically tough, permanent colored, and stay pest-free compared by other kinds of papers. It is said that paper has been made in this Maniwa area to compile and record the family registry (KOSEKI) for residents since 1400 years ago and the old tradition is kept up as KASHINISHI WASHI.
The Exhibition is held under the theme of “Paper”, the traditional culture in Maniwa area, by inviting paper artists both from Okayama and Korea to HISHIO, the Centre for Cultural Exchange.

(1) About the Exhibition
Displaying the art works of 2 artists in Okayama and 2 artists from Korea working for the creative activities under the theme of Paper at HISHIO Hall, the Centre for Cultural Exchange.

Inviting Artists
①Setsuko HASEGAWA (Okayama, Japan)
②Hiroko ODA (Kurashiki, Japana)
③金聖淵 ( Busan, Korea)
④金正周 ( Busan, Korea)