Faceland: an exhibition of paintings by Walter Gurbo

painted rocks and wooden books

●4-21 April 2009
Walter Gurbo, a New York Artist, carries his surrealistic imagery into many
different forms as a painter, illustrator, sculptor and theatrical set designer.
He is most famous for his “Drawing Room” series which appeared in the Village Voice newspaper and the Chicago Reader. He also did hundreds of illustrations for The New York Times as well as Playboy and many other magazines. The “Theatre for The New City” in Manhattan’s Lower East Side has had artist’s stage work for more than 20 years.

Walter Gurbo has shown in many NYC Galleries and also in upstate NY, where he now has his studio and home with his wife Tomoko and their new born son Tak. He always loved Japanese art and is finding his stay here very inspiring, and hopes to spend much more time here in the future.