HAYAKAWA-TAIKO Special Performance

The Tales of the Romantic Mirage

● 19 June 2010 (rain or shine)
Open 18:00/ Start at Sunset
Admission: 2500Yen (w/one drink)

Session 1: Performance (4 songs):Hanabie/Mai NatsuOmoiKoiuta/TenRai/KazenoKagamiV
Session 2: Café Time/Hishio Exhibit
Session 3: Performance (4 songs):Hanayoi/Barong Kecak/Mai RinsouKoiuta/KazehinoseruGaka

Japanese Drums, Japanese transverse flute, and Guqin(ancient stringed instrument) Reverberant. Please enjoy the mirage sound nightfall. Performance begins at sunset. After listening 4 songs at 1st session, please have a relaxed time at session 2. Uenodan hosts Café time and HISHIO EXHIBIT at Hishio Hall shows the previous exhibition posters. At session 3, Hayakawa Taiko will perform with the special direction for second half 4 songs.