Dainanagekijo “Otsuberu and the Elephant”

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Hishio Theatre – Dainanagekijo

Opperu and the Elephant’ by Kenji Miyamoto

16 (Sat.), 17 (Sun.) May 2009    6:30 PM

Admission:  Adult    3,000

Student  1,000

Following their successful performance of “Aoinoue/ Hannyo” at Hishio last year, it is a welcome return of Dainanagekijo with their new production “Otsuberu and the Elephant”.

Founded in 1999 by a producer Kohei Narumi with several aspiring actors. Their productions incorporate movements from Kabuki and Noh Japanese theatre, into contemporary dance and Buto, pursuing a unique theatrical form departing from the convention.

They have been performing extensively in Japan and overseas; they last performed at Hishio in 2007.


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