Craft Workshop 2019 in Katsuyama Old Town

2019.10.5(sat) & 10.6(sun) 10:00 ~
at Katsuyama Historical Preservation District
(Maniwa City,Okayama) and others

Enjoy 2 days in Katsuyama, here are things you’d been wanting to try and put your hands on. Meet traditional/modern craftsmen, skillful artisans and high artists in there andExperience the craft works together!

Various kinds of Workshops/Artisans for kids and adults in 2 days; Urushi, Glass, Wood Carving, Bamboo, Wood Cut Print, Natural Foods(Conjak, Herbal), Craft-Beer, Vines and Japanese Paper Works, Leather, Pottery, Wool Spinning, Weaving, Bengara Dye, Rattan, Fragrance, Moss Terrarium, Herbarium, Yoga and many others.

Information and Reservations:

Katsuyama201, Maniwa City, Okayama

Please Contact for More Information and Reservations;Stay(long/short/hotels),Food,EasyAccess,Interpreters,
Tours(craftworks,sightseeing) etc.