Hillu Liebelt

●October 16 to November 16, 2008

Hillu’s exhibition was called Delicate Matters.

Message from the artist

My time in Katsuyama was very intense, stimulating and happy.

Having the chance to prepare work from scratch for a solo exhibition in such a beautiful venue was something that happens rarely in any artists’ career. One of the highlights for me was a concert of Koto music in the Gallery, an unforgettable and moving experience.

I am very grateful to HISHIO for offering me the opportunity to show my work in Japan and to allow me enough time during my residency to get to know some of the local people, to have long discussions with them and exchange ideas, thoughts and feelings. They have been most generous and welcoming.

I will miss them and the wonderful food, and have returned home with the knowledge of having found new friends.


Video・From Hishio